Authentic and handcrafted Italian products since 1952.

Innovation and tradition, attributes normally incompatible with each other, find a meeting point in the Frosio Bortolo style. This uniqueness is due to the ways in which we approach the development of the shapes and styles of our models. The secret lies in being able to bring together the work of skilled craftsmen, to whom we entrust the creation of wooden prototypes, related to the creations of the Class® brand, and the creative power guaranteed by our design office, the origin of all our Shapes® brand items.
100% Made in Italy… Always, the basis of our entrepreneurial commitment is the awareness that the quality of work is the best business card for a company. For this reason, we have always carried out all stages of the production process, from casting to assembly within national borders. Indeed, we could well say that almost all of our processes take place at “zero km”.

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