Made in Italy since 1929…

A company which makes handles and coordinates, with a long history dating back to 1929. The history of our company results from this industrious and artisan tradition of both skilled labour and agriculture. Ghidini is one of the most typical names in the valley so Pietro took his nickname, for which he has become well-known, from his small farm at Bosco where he also worked. In 1950 the sons entered the company which first of all led to the creation of new factories and also started a constant process of technological innovation. Today a series of more recent acquisitions has made it necessary to organise a much larger manufacturing reality reunited under the Ghidini Group trademark. Today the new business group therefore includes: Ghidini, the historic brand, Ghidini Aluminium, a new brand specialised in making aluminium handles. GM, which manufactures handles and coordinates for contracts and large supplies for industries in the window and door frames sector.
De Venieri, a product created by local craftsmen, to re-edit forms and materials of the ancient tradition of the handles. The new Ghidini Group structure is a sure reference for the sector by bringing together in a single manufacturer in a unique catalog of technical and formal solutions for handles and co- ordinates in brass, bronze, stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum, nylon and iron.

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